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Details for Beginning Tae Kwon Do

Age older than or equal to 7 and younger than or equal to 99. The date used for calculating the age is Item Begin Date.Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/05/19 @ 5:30am.
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Moss Bldg. Room A Waters-Moss1905 Hillcrest Dr.Columbia, MO, 6520107/04/2019 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Mr. Jim Givens

$49.60 $5.40

Begin learning some of the basic hand and foot techniques of this martial art of self-defense. Develop self-confidence, discipline, coordination, balance and all-around physical fitness. Wear comfortable clothes that you can kick in. Uniform is required after first 6-week session. Belt testing fees paid separately. Pre-registration required.


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