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Details for Aikido (April)

Age older than or equal to 15 and younger than or equal to 99. The date used for calculating the age is 05/01/2016.Transaction Date/Time on or after 03/05/19 @ 5:30am.
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Moss Bldg. Room A Waters-Moss1905 Hillcrest Dr.Columbia, MO, 65201

Doris Evans, Daniel Golian

$37.80 $7.20

Learn how to relax, not fight, when conflict occurs. Aikido uses the principle of non-resistance, therefore strength is not a pre-requisite, making Aikido useful to women, men, and older people alike as an effective means of self-defense. Pre-registration required.

Please Note: Beginners attend Monday & Friday. Intermediate & Advanced attend Monday & Wednesday.


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