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Moss Bldg. Room B Waters-Moss1905 Hillcrest Dr.Columbia, MO, 65201

Benjamin Asbeck

$36.60 $2.40

Defined as the way of the Korean sword, Koryo Gumdo is similar to Haidong Gumdo and Japanese Kendo. Koryo Gumdo is a beautiful martial art involving the use of the long sword, the same one used by the ancient Samurai and Hwarang warriors. Mixing traditional and modern sword techniques, it is a graceful, but powerful martial art with rich philosophy. Koryo Gumdo is a fantastic form of exercise and mental training. Learn cuts, blocks, stances and the philosophy behind the use of the sword.

Contact benjamin@theasbecks.net for questions and about required equipment. Pre-registration required.
Please note: Must have at least belt and mokgum (wooden sword) by first class. Contact benjamin@theasbecks.net for information on ordering items. Pre-registration required.


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