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Youth In Action Summer Program

Sponsored by the City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs

Youth In Action has started!  Chris Cole is our Youth in Action intern for 2019.  Scroll down to see schedule of projects. 

To learn more about this year’s program, email us!

Directory of Summer Youth Volunteering 

Youth Volunteering at Family Fun Fest

What is Youth In Action?

Youth in Action is a summer volunteer program aimed at kids ages 12-15. The program is an activity of the City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs. Youth in Action is an exciting way for kids to contribute to their community this summer, make new friends, and learn new skills! Youth in Action volunteers will have an opportunity to help with a number of activities for the City of Columbia and other community agencies. Volunteers will also get to take a closer look at their local government and learn more about their community. City of Columbia staff will organize volunteer activities throughout the summer and invite Youth In Action volunteers to help out. There will be 30-35 half-day volunteer opportunities for youth. YIA volunteers are invited to participate as their schedule allows and can help with one or several of the opportunities! Activities will be held on weekdays and weekends at a variety of times. Youth volunteers will be supervised by City of Columbia Volunteer Programs staff.

What are the benefits of volunteering with Youth In Action?

  • Do something great with your extra time during the summer
  • Work alongside other youth that share your interests
  • Learn more about your community
  • Do something important for others and your town
  • Gain new skills
  • Get experience you can put on your resume
  • Make new friends
  • Have fun!

What type of volunteer projects will be included in YIA?

There will be a wide range of volunteer projects both for the City of Columbia and for other community agencies. There may be some volunteer activities associated with a special event or festival. There will be mix of indoor and outdoor activities as well as activities on weekdays and weekends. Participants will be able to choose the activities they are involved in based on their interests and schedule. Check out our updated Activities List posted below. For details concerning projects, contact Volunteer Programs.

Upcoming YOUTH IN ACTION projects: 

JULY 2019

Monday, July 1st – Salvation Army (1304 Parkade Boulevard, 1-3pm)
Thursday, July 4th – Fire in the Sky (Flat Branch Park on 4 th St. 5:45-9pm)
Monday, July 8th – Litter Pick up at Flat Branch Park (Flat Branch Park on 4 th St. 9-11am)
Tuesday, July 9th – Food Bank Food Packaging (2101 Vandiver Drive, 10:30-12:30pm)Friday, July 12th – Ronald McDonald House (3501 Lansing Ave, 3:50-6:30)
Saturday, July 13th – Litter Pick Up at Bear Creek Nature Area (2799 N Garth Ave, 9-11am)
Wednesday, July 17th – Family Fun Fest (Cosmo Park, Burford Shelter, 5:45-8:15pm)
Saturday, July 20th – Household Hazardous Waste Collection (1313 Lakeview, 10-12pm)
Wednesday, July 24th – Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (1207 Smith St, 1-4pm)
Friday, July 26th – Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (1207 Smith St, 1-4pm)

Humane Society (Date TBD)
Park Trash Clean Up (Date and Location TBD, 10am-12pm)
Adopt-A-Spot Beautification (Date and Location TBD, 10am-12pm)
End of the Year Celebration (Early August, TBD)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If a youth participant cannot attend an event, you must cancel 48 hours in advance so that
    proper time is allotted to find a replacement or cancel the event. *If a youth participant has extremely
    frequent and unreasonable cancellations OR misses 2 events without any prior notice they will unfortunately
    be removed from the program.
  • Be sure to keep checking Facebook and your e-mail for rain-outs, cancellations, new projects, and updates!


All YIA participants will be notified of the schedule of summer volunteer activities by mail, e-mail or by checking the web. All youth who would like to participate need to complete an application and submit it to the City of Columbia’s Volunteer Programs. Click here to register online now. All applications will be reviewed to ensure that the participate is the appropriate age and has a sincere interest as a participant. Once accepted as a participant, all Youth In Action participants will be notified of activities by mail or e-mail. It is important that participants respond if they can attend projects; in some cases we will limit the number of volunteers who can participate based on the nature of the project. Volunteers for each program will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the activity has reached its maximum number of volunteers. Some activities with agencies and organizations outside the City of Columbia may require an additional signed release form to be handled as needed.


Important Information

The City of Columbia Volunteer Programs agree to:

  • Communicate YIA activities and details about them to participants.
  • Supervise YIA participants at all volunteer activities.

Youth In Action Volunteers agree to:

  • Participate in the volunteer activities in which he or she is registered.
  • Give full effort to the volunteer project at hand.

Parents/Guardians of Youth In Action Volunteers agree to:

  • Drop off and pick up their YIA participant at the assigned times or arrange for transportation.


Please contact the Volunteer Programs – we’d love to hear from you!

Volunteer Programs
P.O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205
work: 874-7499  fax 874-7546
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Last edited: 7-8-19