Volunteer of the Month for March-Katherine Wortmann

Recycling Ambassador Katherine Wortmann is honored as our March Volunteer of the Month. Katherine is a gifted educator and is magical when engaging with children. She is particularly effective when staffing education booths and overseeing recycling education activities. Those who visit with Katherine leave with a broader knowledge of proper recycling and waste reduction, energized to take action, and empowered by the fact that they can make a difference.Katherine Wortmann

Katherine’s passion for volunteering and protecting the environment started at an early age by following the example of her parents. I love the feeling that fills my heart after I’ve completed a volunteer project. There’s something warm and fuzzy about making a positive impact on the world that keeps me coming back for more.”

“Somebody can’t do everything, but everyone can do something.” a favorite quote shared by Katherine which calls on more people to get involved in volunteer activities.  Katherine thinks it effort to give of your time and talent, “We all have busy schedules and lives, but to set that aside for the benefit of others is something truly remarkable.” 

To learn how you can get involved as a volunteer, contact us at 874-7499 or volunteer@CoMo.gov.

Written by volunteer Shishi Chen