Volunteer of the Month for July 2018- Steve Spellman

S. Spellman

Steve Spellman began volunteering with the Columbia Parks & Recreation TreeKeepers program several years ago. After learning more about pruning and planting from the city forester, Spellman was happy to help with tree projects around town. Recently, he has moved near the Twin Lakes Recreation Area and has maintained a quarter-mile section of the MKT over the past year.

After moving, Spellman donated a lot more time to beautifying the city. “The work he has done has been tremendous and you can tell that he truly enjoys what he does,” Volunteer Program Specialist, Amber Olson, said.

As a bike commuter, dog walker and frequent trail user, Spellman was excited to adopt a quarter mile of the MKT trail near the lake, removing the invasive bush honeysuckle, vines, dead tree branches and trash.  “It is motivating to help clear the edges of trail of the ever-encroaching bushes, allowing sunlight to feed wildflowers and other native plants, as well as opening up trail-goers’ views for scenic and safety benefits,” he said. 

Spellman uses this volunteering time to work at his own pace and enjoys the frequent well-wishes of passersby and the camaraderie of fellow trail adopters.


Written by volunteer Laura Davis