Volunteer of the Month for August 2018- Tamara Tennenbaum

Tamara T.

Tamara Tennenbaum was driving past Forum Boulevard between landscaping jobs with her husband when she noticed a few Adopt-a-Spots that were available for adoption.  Tennenbaum owns Millersburg Landscaping and does many jobs in south Columbia. She finally suggested that they should adopt one of those beds and beautify the community.

The couple’s first Adopt-A-Spot is the triangle flowerbed on Forum Chapel Plaza, just south of Chapel Hill. They had an architect draw up and plan and then filled it with perennials and shrubs.

Passersby loved it. “The rewarding part of it was when people would stop and tell us how nice it looked while we were out there working on it,” Tennenbaum said.

Since adopting a spot on Forum, Tennenbaum has adopted one more spot in Columbia on South Rolling Hills Road and others in Fulton.  She has planted shrubs, native plants, perennials, and even has a bed dedicated to succulents. Each plant bed has a different theme, and thanks to Tennenbaum and her husband, they bring color and diversity to our city.  

Each time she is out working on the beds, someone says how thankful they are for Tennenbaum’s hard work. “People from the subdivisions nearby stop and ask what I put in them,” she said. “Everyone is really happy when something goes in the beds.”


Written by volunteer Laura Davis