Volunteer of the Month for September 2017-The Froidl Family

The Froidl Family
  For Molly Froidl and her family, volunteering is second nature. She and her husband Tom began volunteering around Columbia more than ten years ago when she picked up trash at Cleanup Columbia. It was only natural that her sons Josh, 14, and Drew, 12, joined them. The family now regularly volunteers at Cleanup Columbia, Ronald McDonald House and The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri. Her sons have also participated in Youth In Action, which provides teens an organized chance to volunteer during the summer months.   

     “It’s nice to see them do things that they would normally have to be nagged about at home, like picking up trash or making a meal,” Froidl said. Josh and Drew are also Boy Scouts, which requires them to be involved regularly, but Froidl said both of her sons are those kids who hear about a volunteer opportunity and has to sign up.  

     Volunteering gives her sons a chance to have fun. Two years ago they took turns dressing up as Mr. Bag-It at the Columbia Earth Day festival in Peace Park. Froidl reminisces, “Drew was so little at the time that people kept saying that they were so cute.” More than anything, Froidl appreciates that it allows them to be active members of society. “Every time we volunteer, we love Columbia and its people even more,” Froidl said. “We look forward to the next event when we can help spread our love of this great city.”
 Written by volunteer Laura Davis