September 2012 Volunteers of the Month JobPoint

 JobPoint is a not for profit employment center and community development corporation. They specialize in preparing individuals, who are having difficulty obtaining or maintaining employment, to enter the workforce by providing career planning and job placement assistance.  Not only is JobPoint helping many of its participants gain economic independence, but the participants are making a difference in the community through their volunteer work.

Some of the wonderful volunteer work JobPoint participants have done for the City of Columbia since 2003 includes cleaning up watersheds and creeks, improving and restoring rain gardens at fire stations, planting trees, removing brush, improving water quality at Cosmo park, spreading mulch, picking up trash, and building retention basins. They also volunteer with many other local organizations.

These volunteer opportunities expose participants to new skills, alternative ideas, and create a sense of pride. Volunteering allows JobPoint participants the “opportunity to give back to the community in which they live,” Gary Taylor, Director of Youthbuild at JobPoint explains. “It helps to build self-esteem through a sense of accomplishment and it allows our students to see how they really can make a difference in their own community. Many of our students are filled with so much pride whenever they complete a project in the community.”

~Written by volunteer Theresa Nelson