March 2013 – Columbia Insurance Group

Perhaps you’ve noticed some of the bright spots along Columbia’s roads that are bursting with colorful plants during the growing season; tulips waving their vivid hues, roses with multiple blooms, bushes with dainty green leaves. These colorful garden spots, located at intersections, roundabouts and medians, are usually one of the City’s Adopt-a Spots, where businesses, organizations, and families donate of their time and resources to create a little oasis of color in the commute of others.

When Paris Road and Whitegate/Heriford were widened about ten years ago, Columbia Insurance Group adopted the two triangular beds at the intersection. Because one of their core values is being a good corporate citizen, they wanted “to try and make a bright spot in people’s commutes,” says Judy Donnell, Director of General Services at Columbia Insurance Group. “Flowers make me happy, so I think it starts people’s day off well and brightens Paris road up a bit.”

If your family, business, or organization would like to help beautify Columbia’s streets by partnering with the city to maintain a small roadside area, Adopt-a Spots are available and are listed online at And if there is a specific roadside bed that makes you smile, leave comments for the adopter on the above web site.

~Written by volunteer Theresa Nelson