March 2012 Volunteers of the Month The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at Rock Bridge High School

For some, finding a volunteer opportunity on your own can be very intimidating. Thankfully volunteering for the City of Columbia isn’t that way; there are many opportunities for groups and organizations to be involved. Our March Volunteers of the Month award goes to a group just like that. The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at Rock Bridge High School found an opportunity to make a big difference by getting all members involved!

Members of the MSU dedicate their time to Columbia, taking advantage of several volunteer opportunities. Mike Heimos of the Public Works Environmental Services and Stormwater Management Division identified the MSU members as outstanding volunteers who really made a difference with their service.

“The Muslim Student Union sets a great example for other citizens, other students in particular, for doing good works in the community. They make a visible impact with their work removing trash from area streams, and their other service helps citizens in need,” Heimos said.

Adam Mefrakis, President of the MSU, said volunteering has a positive impact on their members as well, “This was a great learning experience that we would like to repeat in other parts of Columbia and Boone County. We learned a lot, we got wet, cleaned, and most of all had fun at the same time.”

~Written by volunteer Brittany Perrin