March 2010 Volunteer of the Month Steve Callis

 For volunteer Steve Callis, being green really is easy.  Not only does he teach Columbians how to compost and address yard waste in classes in the spring and fall, he integrates those methods in his workplace and home.

Callis has been volunteering with the City of Columbia Public Works Volunteer Program for four years.  His classes emphasize the benefits of backyard composting and best practices for disposal of kitchen and backyard waste. 

With public awareness in sustainability growing, there has been increased interest in the composting classes.  Callis says, “People taking the classes range from the hard-core gardeners to those who just want to do something else with their yard waste other than sending it to a land fill.”

Callis gets tremendous satisfaction passing on the specialized experience that he has:  “It’s great to be able to give back; I really enjoy sharing my knowledge about composting, which is a narrow field, but I feel it does some good in sharing that knowledge.”  Callis’ supervisor, Andrea Shelton, agrees.  One of the classes’ benefits, she says, is that it shows average families, with average budget concerns, that they can still impact the environment.

Callis also volunteers with, Toys for Tots and the Marine Corps League.

Article by volunteer Sarah G. Madden