July 2012 Volunteer of the Month Sarah Lang

Have you ever noticed areas in the city that are in need of fixing up, and you say to yourself, “someone should really do something about that?”  Well, July’s Volunteer of the Month, Sarah Lang, did something about it. 

A lifelong resident of Columbia, Sarah has lived in the Fairview area for 18 years.   Back in 2004, Sarah and some neighbors had discussions with the City about ways to slow traffic nearby.   As a result, 2 new Adopt-A-Spot beds were built along Rollins Road but neglected. Weeds were popping up everywhere along the beds.  Sarah noticed and took the initiative right then and there, and for 8 years she and her family, with occasional plant donations and weeding help from neighbors, have made a project of making their neighborhood more beautiful. Since they live on a dead-end, few people get to see their yard.  Sarah says being able to beautify her neighborhood and provide enjoyment for many has been rewarding. 

Sarah’s hard work and dedication to beautifying the neighborhood has paid dividends. One neighbor noticed and wrote a letter to the City in 2007, commending her for her work on the beds.  The mayor then wrote a letter of thanks to Sarah for her service to our city.  When a volunteer’s efforts are so visible like Sarah’s, it encourages others in the community to do the same.

~Written by volunteer James Krewson