December 2011 Volunteer of the Month Cheryl Hardy             

 For many citizens of Columbia a leisurely bike ride through the park is just that, a break from everyday life. For our December volunteer of the month that leisurely bike ride is just another way she is serving our community. Volunteer Cheryl Hardy is a dedicated cyclist who is very familiar with the trails and parks in Columbia and has been a great source of information regarding trail quality and conditions.

Cheryl has used her knowledge of the city and her love for the environment to make a difference through several programs such as the Hinkson Clean Sweep, TreeKeepers, Cleanup Columbia, and many more over the past ten years she has been volunteering.

David Dittmer, Forester with Columbia Parks & Recreation, says, “Volunteers like Cheryl, who dedicate significant amounts of their free time for the betterment of the community, play a huge role in building a progressive city which aims to make the quality of life better for all its citizens. Quality parks and trails and healthy aquatic systems all help to make Columbia a great place to live, and Cheryl has been an active part of all these things.”

~Written by volunteer Brittany Perrin