Volunteer of the Month for August-Debbie Lacy-Anderson

Retired teacher Debbie Lacy-Anderson has volunteered as a compost workshop instructor for three years now, teaching the basics of residential composting and motivating like-minded Columbians to recycle wastes and enrich soils.Debbie Lacy-Anderson

Her interest in composting began as a side hobby to her love for gardening. Growing up on a farm with wonderful, rich soil and then moving to the Ozarks, and then Columbia, where the soil is not so good, she learned that composting was a cheap and easy way to improve her dirt and grow better flowers and vegetables.

And being a teacher all her life, and volunteering throughout, it was a natural for Debbie to start

 teaching compost workshops in Columbia’s Volunteer’s Programs. Jody Cook, her volunteer supervisor, says that Debbie “has a fun and energetic approach to teaching and is skilled at involving and engaging her audience.”

“I guess I can’t stop teaching!” Debbie says. And volunteering enables her to meet people who share many of the same interests. “It is just fun!” she adds. Debbie is also committed to growing native plants in her gardens, as naturally as she can, to provide a home for pollinators.

Thank you Debbie for your volunteer service to Columbia as a composting instructor. If you would like to volunteer in some way for our community, call 874-7499 or visit volunteer@CoMo.gov.

Written by volunteer Bob Murphy