August 2010 Volunteer of the Month Progressive Missionary Baptist Church

 For those that volunteer, the call to service may be civic, or it may be a desire to find a meaningful hobby.  For the members of the Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, their volunteer work for the City of Columbia is part of the church’s mission.

The activities that the Church performs for the City are just a small piece of its ongoing efforts to serve the community.  In addition to a soup kitchen, annual clothing drive and boxed lunches for the needy, the Church focuses on beautifying the neighborhood and city at large.

Since 2001, a core group of about six Church members have participated in the Adopt-A-Spot Litter Control Program. Member Essie Redmon says it was around that time that her congregation started taking notice of the broken windows and trash around the church.  They decided that they could take small steps to improve the quality and safety of the community.

The Church also added an Adopt-A-Spot Beautification bed on the nearby corner of Banks and Dean.  They have participated in this program since 2008.  In addition, the Church participates in the annual Cleanup Columbia and it recently hosted the “Unite for Healthy Neighborhoods” conference, which focused on physical activity and locally grown foods especially in central Columbia.

For Redmon, the motivation for volunteering is simple:  “For us, volunteering is about giving back for those who are in need.”

 – Submitted by volunteer Sarah G. Madden