Composting Workshops

Free Compost Workshops

Learn the why, what and how of home composting Compostables make up 34% of the materials that go into landfills. Composting is easy and rewarding, and it isn’t just for gardeners! Composting is a step everyone can take to reduce their carbon foot print. Attend a free workshop and start diverting kitchen scraps and yard waste while producing a nutrient rich soil amendment. Composting is nature’s way to recycle.

The 2020 Compost Workshop Schedule Has Concluded

The 2021 Workshop schedule will be posted at the end of January 2021

For more information contact Jody Cook at jody.cook@CoMo.govcreate new email or 573-874-6271

To schedule a Compost Workshop specific to  a group, please contact Jody Cook via email or call 573-874-6271.  A minimum of eight attendees is required.

Home Composting Resources

Volunteer Opportunity: Teach Composting!

Volunteers make it happen!  City of Columbia volunteers teach the basics of composting at the workshops.

It’s easy to become a compost trainer! Composting experience is helpful, but not necessary.  Training is provided. Y

Other City of Columbia compost programs: