Park Patrol – Park and Trail Volunteers

For current volunteers:

Park Patrol training for new volunteers: Joining the Park Patrol  includes an interview with a City staff person, participating in a 30 minute video training, and agreeing to a background screening, including a reference check.  Please let us know if you are interestedcreate new email and we will send you additional details!  

What is the Park Patrol?

The Park Patrol is a park and trail volunteer program where you can help keep City parks and trails clean, safe and in good repair.  Park Patrollers serve on city trails including the MKT Trail, the Bear Creek Trail, Grindstone Trail and can be of help in any park as well.

What do Park Patrol volunteers do?

Park Patrol volunteers serve as additional eyes and ears in our trails and parks. Volunteers monitor trails and parks during daylight hours and serve as an ambassador for other users. They can do this while walking, running, or riding a bicycle. Members must be 18 years of age and include regular exercisers, families, students, and seniors. Volunteers are identified by an official Park Patrol T-shirt or vest, and may carry cellular phones for use during emergency and non-emergency situations. Patrollers are asked to log a minimum of four hours per month between April and October. To log your time, you can submit the hours you spend patrolling using our online form.

What can I do?

Park Patrol volunteers are needed to monitor trails and parks. You can also help by telling others about the program and how they can participate.

How can I get involved?

It’s simple! Complete the online application. Park Patrol applicants are required to attend a one-hour training session that we will schedule at a time convenient to you. After training you will receive your Park Patrol identification and can begin volunteering.


For further information on the City of Columbia Park Patrol, please contact Volunteer Programs at 874-7499 or Volunteer@CoMo.govcreate new email.