Columbia Aquatic Restoration Project

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CARP (Columbia Aquatic Restoration Project) is a volunteer program designed to support the Columbia Parks & Recreation Department in implementing an aquatic plant and shoreline management plan.  Participants will learn about lake and pond ecology during two training classes and hands-on training labs. Topics covered will include Aquatic Ecology, Aquatic Plant Identification, Wetland Restoration, and Designing for Stormwater. After the course, you will assist the city horticulturist with organized projects, to be held on Sunday and Saturday mornings.

Please note:  CARP projects are scheduled on Sunday and Saturday mornings. We ask that you consider this before you register for this volunteer program. You must be a trained C.A.R.P. volunteer to attend the projects except as a C.A.R.P. volunteer’s guest. Apply here to become a C.A.R.P. volunteer.

C.A.R.P. Classes: 

C.A.R.P. Introduction-Brett O’Brien

Storm Water Education-Mike Heimos

Aquatic Fauna of Missouri-Amy Meier

Aquatic Plants-Liz Sweda

C.A.R.P. What to Expect-Michael Acton

Upcoming Projects for C.A.R.P. Volunteers: All projects this year are from 8-10 a.m. 

  • Saturday, May 20– Auburn Hills-5101 Derby Ridge Dr-New rain garden planting-Please meet staff at the shelter and sign in. Parking is available along Derby Ridge Dr and Tidewater Dr. 
  • Sunday, September 10-Bethel Park4500 Bethel St-Rain garden planting, rock work and mulching
  • Saturday, September 23-3M Wetlands-Tree and shrub planting-Meeting location to be announced.
  • Saturday, October 7-Bethel Park4500 Bethel St-Planting, rock work, mulching and weeding. Please meet City staff at the shelter.
  • Saturday, October 21Longview Park-4980 Gillespie Bridge Rd-Meeting location/parking to be announced, this will be a shoreline cleanup to cut back fishing walkways and there will also be a planting.

CARP volunteer planting aquatic plants at Smiley Lane Raingarden in October 2010Planting of Smiley Lane Raingarden in October 2010


Newly planted aquatic plant life
Newly planted aquatic plant life

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