August Volunteer of the Month – Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason
Kelly with students at Mill Creek Elementary who learned about proper recycling.

Kelly Mason believes that everyone has the ability to contribute to their community, “they just need to find something they are passionate about.“  Kelly is passionate about the environment and sustainability, and has shared these passions as a volunteer Recycling Ambassador.  For her efforts, Kelly is recognized as our August Volunteer of the Month.

Kelly committed to make others aware of waste reduction techniques. In her role as a Recycling Ambassador, Kelly carved out her own niche educating elementary students about recycling. She provides the students with a “Recycling Starter Kit” including a certificate qualifying them to teach others. Kelly’s favorite thing about being a Recycling Ambassador is hearing from the students about who THEY are going to teach about recycling.

In her role as a rental property manager, Kelly shared her knowledge of recycling with other members of the Columbia Apartment Association so recycling efforts could improve at rental properties throughout the City.

Kelly believes that since the reward for recycling (saving the earth) and the repercussions for not (damaging the environment) aren’t immediate, it is hard for people understand the importance of their actions. Kelly hopes that by teaching a younger generation the why, what and how of recycling they will have the confidence to pass that knowledge onto others. 

To Kelly, the greatest thing about volunteering helping your community, while being the best version of yourself. “If we all strived for that version, imagine what we could do.”