Water Supply

Columbia’s water is pumped from wells that tap into a water-filled bed of sand and gravel beneath the bottom land bordering the Missouri River just southwest of the city. Long ago, melting glaciers washed sand, gravel and boulders downstream and left thick deposits along the course of the river. This geological formation is an alluvium and when saturated with water becomes an alluvial aquifer. Water slowly moves through the aquifer, which acts as a natural filtration system. Forty-four billion gallons of water fill the area which is constantly replenished by groundwater sources. The wells average 110 feet deep, penetrating the aquifer near its bottom.

The Integrate Water Resource Plan (IWRP) Final Report was completed in March 2017 and will guide the best combination of strategies for ensuring a sustainable and cost-efficient water supply.  For more information on the planning process visit www.CoMoWater.org.