Residential Water Rates – Inside City Limits

Inside the City Limits

This schedule is available for water to residential customers, commercial multiple-family facilities and multiple commercial facilities served with one meter, inside the city limits.

Water usage charges are in addition to a minimum monthly charge, which is based on meter size. Water usage is measured in hundred cubic feet (ccf). There are approximately 748 gallons per 1 ccf.

Water Usage


Summer months: June through September

Tier 1, 0% – 70% of winter average consumption: $2.86 per ccf

Tier 2, 71% – 170% of winter average consumption: $4.01 per ccf

Tier 3, usage exceeding 170% of winter average consumption: $6.02 per ccf

Winter average consumption is the average water use during the immediate preceding billing periods of January, February and March.


For water service metered separately for lawn irrigation, $6.02 per ccf will be assessed on all water consumption occurring during the period from June 1 through September 30 as defined in section 27-16.


Non-summer months: October through May

All water usage @ $2.86 per one hundred cubic feet (1 ccf)

Monthly Base Charge

Meter Size Monthly Base Charge
5/8 inch and 3/4 inch $10.00
1 inch $14.38
1 1/2 inch $28.96
2 inch $43.05
3 inch $150.68
4 inch $333.13
6 inch $717.50

Fire Flow Charge

The fire flow charge is an additional charge to cover the cost of providing water for public fire protection. This charge is based on meter size and does not apply to lawn irrigation meters.

Meter Size Fire Flow Charge
5/8 inch and 3/4 inch $1.59
1 inch $1.69
1 1/2 inch $2.44
2 inch $2.63
3 inch $6.31
4 inch $9.75
6 inch $19.51

Backflow Prevention Charge

In addition to the charges listed above, there is a charge of $2.00 for each backflow device at a customer location as outlined in Section 27-57 Cross Connections.


Bills computed under this rate schedule are subject to increase by proportionate part of any existing, new, or increased rate of gross receipts tax or other similar tax levied by municipality or other governmental authority.


This information taken from Columbia Ordinance Chapter 27, Section 27-122 and Section 27-16. The City Council has the sole authority to set rates and charges for Columbia Water & Light services. The City reviews these rates and charges annually.