Backflow Prevention for Sprinkler Systems

DNR maintains a list of certified testers for your backflow prevention devices.  Make sure to select “Boone” as your county to view for hire contractors in your area.

What is a backflow preventer device?

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that stops water from re-entering a building through your irrigation system. Without a backflow protection device, a drop in the city’s water pressure could cause water in your irrigation system to be siphoned into the city’s drinking water system. If the irrigation system water is contaminated with lawn chemicals or bacteria, then a backflow situation could cause health problems.

Why is testing required?

Backflow prevention devices are required by a City of Columbia ordinance (Chapter 27, section 57)to protect the health of water customers with irrigation systems. Problems can arise with any mechanical device from wear and tear, so annual testing helps keep people safe. A certified tester is required to annually test the device because properly calibrated gauge equipment is the only way of making sure there is no contamination. A property owner should also check the system throughout the year to make sure no visible problems arise.

Where do I send the testing certification?

Send your certified backflow preventer device testing results to: 

or mail to:

Columbia Water & Light

Water Services Superintendent

P.O. Box 6015

Columbia, MO 65205