Water & Light Engineering

Construction Service Manualopens PDF file

Rules, Regulations and Policy relating to Installation and Extension of Water and Electric Facilities

Facilities Connection Requirements (approved 4-25-17)opens PDF file

This document outlines the requirements for generation, transmission, and end-use facilities of customers to be connected to the Columbia Water & Light Department (CWLD) electric system.  Its purpose is to promote safety of people and equipment, compatibility between customer facilities and CWLD facilities, and maintenance of reliability of the regional electric system when a customer requests an interconnection with CWLD.  It complies with the requirements of the NERC Standard FAC-001 and FAC-002.

Water Main Construction Specificationopens PDF file

This document is provided for developers constructing water mains within the City of Columbia’s water territory. The official, signed copy is on file with the Columbia Water & Light Engineering Division and might include updates that have not been posted on the web site yet. The web document is only meant as a reference.