Electric Distribution

distribution diagram

Power Outages and Restoration of Service

Columbia Water & Light’s top priority is to provide reliable electric service. Unfortunately there are times when high winds, ice, squirrels, birds, etc., can cause interruptions with our electric system. When problems occur, Columbia Water & Light makes every effort to restore your power as soon as possible.

Back up Generator Installation

If you have electrical equipment in your home that you feel you cannot be without during power outages and you’re considering purchasing a generator, take a few moments to think about safety.

Meter Reading

Meters are highly accurate instruments that are similar to an odometer on your car. One way to monitor your consumption is to read your meter and check it daily or weekly. If you read your meter at the same time each day, subtract the present reading from the previous day’s reading to determine the number of kilowatt-hours used in one day.  Reading your meter often, along with careful observation of the weather and appliances being used, can help you manage energy consumption and evaluate the effectiveness of appliances.