COLT Transload Facility

Transload Operations

  • Direct receiving and shippingrolls of steal
  • Full-service short- and long-term warehousing
  • Environmentally controlled unloading and storage
  • 83,000 square feet storage under one roof and 13 acres of fenced outdoor storage
  • Rail spur running directly into and through the warehouse
  • 20 rail car spots
  • Boxcar and center-beam flatcar compatibleinside transload facility
  • 13 van-height, back-in truck doors
  • Three pull-through truck doors
  • 58,000 pound capacity overhead crane
  • Five fork-trucks; one each of 15-ton, 12.5 ton, 7.5 ton, 2.5 ton, and 1.8 ton
  • Dedicated fleet of independent carriers
  • RF barcode scanning and bar code label creation

Warehousing, Transloading, and Distribution

Expertly provides seamless, door-to-door service with integrated warehousing, trucking, and the economies of rail service that provide you cost-effective distribution solutions. 

Modal Integration: Products can be shipped via the most cost-effective, long-haul mode regardless of whether your facilities are directly served by rail. Our warehousing and distribution programs provide transloading services and coordination between modes (rail to truck, ship/barge to rail/truck; truck to rail). 

Inventory Management and Tracking: The status of shipments is visible to you at any point of the supply. Bar code scanning for inventory tracking, access to an integrated EDI system, railcar location messages, 24/7 web access to inventory for schedule inquiries, product release, ordering, and reporting can be available to you. 

Packaging: We provide cost effective re-packaging and prep-for-use services, including export packaging, decanning, container unstuffing, package stripping/disposal, and skid-to-pallet transfer. Producers can ship with the best package for the long haul and you can receive the product in your preferred type of packaging.

Commodities: Our facilities and material handling expertise are suitable for a wide variety of products including steel of all types, lumber, and other heavy products such as large forming dies, heavy components and assemblies. If it’s heavy and needs quality warehousing and distribution, COLT Transload can handle it.

Just-In-Time Distribution: Store your product in Columbia at the Transload warehouse and receive the savings of shipping heavier products over long distances by rail. Through our truck transportation network, we will manage deliveries to intermediate processors on a just-in-time unloading ramp

Custom Truck Transportation Solutions

Flexibility: COLT Transload will customize solutions to meet your specific business needs, reduce logistics spending, and boost your efficiency. Whether by truck, rail, ocean vessel, barge or air transportation, we manage transportation of goods to provide a total delivery service. We can deliver a product one time from point A to Point B, use our on-site transportation management program with your private fleet, or any other option you may need.

Core Strengths: Our network provides national truck transportation services through long-haul, short-haul, regional, and dedicated carriers. Since each customer relationship is unique, customers can choose any or all of COLT Transload’s logistics capabilities including: 

Shipment planning and load building

Scheduling and dispatch

Transportation network design

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Information Services: Our supply chain management system is a platform for all supply chain service providers including ships, barges, trucks, rail, processors, stevedore, or warehouses to communicate critical business information.

Supply Chain Visibility and Connectivity: We can supply total visibility for products beginning with the producing mill, to processing and delivery to the consuming end-user, inclusive of intermediate transportation (truck and rail), and warehousing. We can provide detailed supply chain information to you, your partners and your customers in a quick, secure and reliable manner.

Our system can enable a rapid deployment of capabilities to solve business issues using a “pull” advantage. Inventory can be pulled right from the shop floor based on production schedules built into the system. Sales resources find this valuable because of the information it provides about inventory levels. Customers, as well, can access via the Web 24/7, to monitor inventory, place and release orders, and trace products. We can provide sophisticated solutions to integrate with your existing accounting, inventory, exchanging data using all standardized protocols, or can be as basic as the exchange of Microsoft Excel files via E-mail communications. This saves everyone involved time and increases accuracy by eliminating or reducing manual data entry.


COLT Transload Facility

6501 N. Brown Station Road

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Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 5:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tina Worley

COLT Railroad Marketing Manager


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Transload Operations Supervisor


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