Upper Meredith Streambank Stabilization

Construction Year: 2019
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
2013 Sewer Bond
Year Completed:

Project Description: 
The Upper Meredith Branch Stream Bank Stabilization Sewer Improvement Project is located in the University Park Addition and Oak Cliff subdivisions and follows the upper portion of the Meredith Branch to both sides of Chapel Hill Road.  In many locations, the sewer main and laterals have become exposed due to stream bank erosion, leaving them vulnerable to debris and more susceptible to damage. The Sewer Utility has performed many hours of maintenance on sewer lines in this area due to failures of this nature.

This project includes relocating approximately 613 linear feet of sewer pipe and associated manholes out of the drainage channel. Out of those, contractor Ryan Construction, will replace 187 linear feet of the current pipe with iron pipe.  Once the main is relocated, multiple lateral connections will be replaced, connecting the surrounding homes back into the system.  In addition, portions of the existing stormwater pipe will be replaced and extended to improve drainage in the area.  Lastly, grade control and stabilization rocks will be installed along 720 linear feet of the stream bank in order to protect sanitary sewer infrastructure from erosion and future exposure.

Project Status: Construction (April 2019)

Project Manager: Tom Wellman

Construction by: Ryan Construction

Interested Parties Meetings: August 12, 2014

Public Hearing: January 20, 2015


Upper Meredith Project Diagram

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