Automatic Bill Payment

With the convenience of free Automatic Bill Pay, your City of Columbia utility bill will be paid automatically from any participating Bank, Savings and Loan or Credit Union account.

  • No more entering payment information on the Web or Phone each month
  • No check to write. No postage to pay
  • No more monthly trips to pay bills in person
  • No more forgetting or rushing to pay your bill

Customers will continue to receive a monthly utility statement. The payment will be deducted from your account 20 days after the bill date. This allows customers time to review each statement and call our Customer Service Representative if you have any questions. If there is a billing error, it will be handled in the normal way, with a credit adjustment on your next bill.

Sign up online or by mail:


Start, stop or change automatic bill payment


Print and mail authorization to the address below

Automatic Bill Payment Authorization Form

Record of application for your files

Mail completed authorization form to:

City of Columbia,
Automatic Bill Payment
P.O. Box 1676
Columbia, MO 65205

To expedite your application, please attach a check marked “VOID” to the left side of the application form.

Note: When you see “Payment of this Bill will be deducted from your checking account no earlier than xx/xx/xx,” on your bill, you’ll know our Automatic Bill Payment service is in effect. To cancel Automatic Bill Payment, call Utility Customer Service at 573-874-7380.