Landlord Reversion

What is landlord reversion?

The City of Columbia offers a program for landlords which allows the utilities to be turned on in the landlord’s name after a tenant leaves without the landlord having to contact the City each time.

How much is the deposit?

A residential landlord requesting services for a rental unit must provide proof of a valid certificate of compliance from the community development department for each property. The landlord shall make a standard security deposit for each rental unit for which the landlord has utility services with the city at the rates noted below:

  • Electrical service …..$75.00
  • Water service …..25.00
  • Sewer service …..45.00
  • Refuse service …..20.00

The landlord may apply to participate in the Landlord Reversion Program (LLRP) as follows:

Residential landlord participation in the Landlord Reversion Program (LLRP) requires completion of the LLRP application and written acknowledgement of the terms of the agreement as defined by the finance director. The maximum amount of cash security deposits a residential landlord shall be required to make, regardless as to the number of rental units, is one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00). At the discretion of the finance director, the customer may request the deposit be waived upon the customer establishing three (3) years (thirty-six (36) consecutive months) of good credit and timely payments with the City of Columbia. The finance director will maintain a written policy that defines “good credit.”

How do I discontinue participation in this program?

Landlord reversion may be discontinued upon written notification from the landlord.

What are the requirements for participation in this program?

The landlord must agree to the following:

  • the landlord shall promptly pay for all services provided at rates established by the Ordinances of the City of Columbia at the time the services are provided. The landlord also understands that an account will revert into their name when the account is officially taken out of the tenant’s name by the tenant or the Finance Department and will remain in the landlord’s name until services are connected by a tenant or disconnected at the request of the landlord.
  • The landlord also understands that an account will not revert into their name if services are disconnected for non-payment until either documentation is received stating customer vacated the premises or 30 days pass.
  • any billing statement shall be deemed a final and accurate account stated as provided by Ordinance, or otherwise, upon the mailing of the next following billing statement until the landlord during the intervening period notifies the Utility Customer Services division of the Finance Department for errors or irregularities
  • the landlord shall protect City property on the premises served by the account from unnecessary damage, and to allow access to such property by duly authorized personnel during all reasonable hours
  • the landlord shall abide by and comply with the Revised Ordinance of Columbia, and any amendments, that govern the relationship between the City of Columbia and its’ utility customer
  • the Finance Department reserves the right to revoke landlord reversion at any time
  • the landlord may add or remove accounts from landlord reversion only be written request to the Finance Department
  • the landlord is responsible for notifying the Finance Department of any changes in property ownership
  • collection fees will be assessed to delinquent bills in landlords name.

How do I participate in the landlord reversion program?

To participate in the landlord reversion program, please complete the applicationopens PDF file  and bring it to Utility Customer Services.