C.A.S.H. and H.E.L.P

What is C.A.S.H. and H.E.L.P?

The City of Columbia offers two programs utility customers can sign up for to provide assistance for some customers who have difficulty paying their utility bill. Donations to each program are kept separate. Every dollar goes to help someone in need. A simple donation of $1 or more per month will assist those in need to pay utility bills in one-time emergency situations.

C.A.S.H. (Citizens Assisting Seniors and Handicapped) – Specifically assists low income elderly and low income disabled citizens who have exhausted other resources.

H.E.L.P. (Heat Energy and Light Program) – Provides aid to low-income families with children in one-time emergency situations.

How do I participate in this program?

Special envelopes are provided to utility customers once a year in November to sign up for this program. However, customers may sign up to participate in these programs at any time during the year by completing an online C.A.S.H. and H.E.L.P Pledge Form.

If you prefer, you may print the C.A.S.H. and H.E.L.P Pledge Formopens PDF file  and return it with your bill payment or send it to Utility Customer Service.  Please indicate if it is a monthly pledge or a one-time donation and the pledge amount.

How long is the form in effect and how can I be removed from the program?

The form will be in effect until the customer notifies Utility Customer Service to be removed from the program.

When will I receive tax records?

Year-to-date contribution will be stated on your February bill for tax records.