The Crawdads – City Stream Team

Join the City of Columbia Stream Team

The Crawdads

Columbia Crawdads Stream Team! Join our city-wide monthly stream cleanup event. Every second Saturday of the month each month.

Where volunteers like you work together to clean area streams. The result is a healthier watershed and attractive community. Volunteers are provided with trash bags. Cleanup locations are not announced until 48 hours before the event.

Cleanup start times are anywhere between 9:30 AM or 10:30 AM on the second Saturday of the month. Sites are led by trained volunteer leader and/or supporting staff on the day of the cleanup.

To sign up for events with Stormwater or to volunteer with the city.

Contact  Volunteer Programs at 573-874-7499

People cleaning creek

The rainwater from parking lots and surface streets is not treated at the local wastewater treatment plant. Citizens are needed to help collect and pick up trash and debris from our waterways to help keep our drinking water and local wildlife safe and healthy.


All storm drains on city, county, neighborhood and campus streets drain directly to local waterways. Any substance that goes into a storm drain goes directly into a local stream. Streams are everywhere if you live in Columbia; chances are you have one in your own backyard or live within minutes of a local waterway.



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