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    Como rain barrel program

    IVY Rain Barrel Program Order yours today!

    The City of Columbia Public Works Department through the Stormwater Utility have partnered with Rain Water Solutions Inc ® to provide our customers the opportunity to obtain complete rain barrel kit(s) at a greatly reduced price.


    Video – How to video on the IVY rain barrel system

    Helpful instructions on setting it up to collect rain water and it’s construction and parts.

    For more information available on Rain Water Solutions Inc ®  website


    DIY Building a Rain Barrel @ Home

    Keep your lawn green and your garden growing while helping the environment and saving money by simply installing a rain barrel. Designed to collect runoff water from your roof you no longer have to watch this precious commodity flow out of your downspouts and down the street.

    – D.I.Y Websites 

    How to Create a Rain Barrel – DIY Network

    How to Build a Rain Barrel – The Family Handyman

    Rainwater harvesting: Rain Barrel DIY

    HGTV – Conserve Water With a Rain Barrel

     Rain Barrel parts and supplies 


    The Rainbarrel Man – Barrels and accessories

    Local suppliers who sell barrels to the public in Columbia, Missouri:

    Civic Recycling – 573.474.9526

    Orscheln Farm and Home  573.814.2299

    Menards – 573.474.1502

    Home Depot – 573.814.1900

    – Educational Institutions & Extension programs –

    Building Your Own Rain Barrel – The Southwest Florida Water Management District

    University of Missouri Extension – Lawn and Garden

    – City of Columbia Rain Barrel Videos –

    Why a Rain Barrel?


    A rain barrel collects and stores rainwater from rooftops to use later for watering plants and gardens. Besides helping the environment, an obvious reason for harvesting rainwater is to save money. Depending on the size of your house and the amount of rainfall in your area, you can collect a substantial amount of rainwater with a simple system. Harvesting rainwater with rain barrels to use for watering your landscaping, the rainwater can help to improve the health of your gardens, lawns, and trees. Rain is a naturally soft water and devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. For this reason, plants respond very well to rainwater. After all, it’s what plants in the wild thrive on!


    We recommend searching the web (your favorite search engine) to find more information and resources on how to build a rain barrel at home. We also recommend contacting local hardware and farm supply stores as they can special order supplies and accessories. Many local retailers carry rain barrels/supplies in the spring and early summer. Links to the above websites are for informational purposes and not endorsements of retailers/suppliers or their products by the City of Columbia, Missouri. Have questions? Need help? Contact the City of Columbia, Missouri Stormwater Education and Outreach Program @ 573.817.6447 or email us


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