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Welcome to the Stormwater Utility Education Website

The City of Columbia Stormwater Education and Outreach Program helps educate local residents about stormwater topics such as what stormwater is, how it becomes polluted, and how individuals can help protect our local streams, creeks and recreational waterways.

Our website provides educational information, photos of projects, events photos and videos of stormwater improvements, infrastructure updates, volunteer activities and tips for homeowners and a variety of other information on stormwater.


Do You Know Your Watershed? 

Learn more about your watershed. What watershed do you live in?

Do You Know Your Shed?

Interactive Watershed Map, video resources and more.


Why worry about stormwater?

Rain water, or polluted runoff (people pollution), comes from things we do every day. Anything you dump or drop on the ground adds to polluted runoff.

Stormwate Understanding the issue

Infrastructure, Stream Anatomy,  Stormwater Management and more.


What is Stormwater Runoff and Why is it a Problem?

Anything that enters the stormwater system is discharged untreated into the waterways we use for swimming, fishing and providing drinking water.

Stormwater Outreach videos

Educational & Informational, Pollution Prevention videos and more.


What is the City of Columbia doing to protect stormwater?

The key to solving the problem isn’t really in the rules and permits. It’s in people – how we live on the land and the everyday choices each of us makes.

WHAT IS THE CITY DOING TO PROTECT STORM WATER?Learn more about projects, programs and volunteer opportunities.


Learn what you can do around the house & the community.

Show-Me Healthy Yards & Neighborhoods is an educational program designed to raise awareness about the role urban stormwater runoff plays in the water quality of nearby streams, creeks, and rivers. SMY&N offers environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional lawn care and household practices that contribute to the runoff of contaminants.

Around the home ideas to protect stormwater


Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. 

Actions can be taken every day to reduce the mark you leave on your natural environmental & the community.

Stormwater 101 for kids


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Volunteer to mark storm drains



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The History of Storm Water in Columbia, Missouri

History of Federal Clean Water Regulations


show-me stormwater management

Boone County, City of Columbia and the University of Missouri coordinate stormwater activities. The three institutions are joint holders of a Phase II Stormwater Permit issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).