Volunteer to mark storm drains in you neighborhood

“Dump No Waste… Drains to Streams”

Volunteers Needed!

No dumping - drains to stream

You can pick up a box of 10 or we will mail you just one for the storm drain on your street!

Groups or individuals may volunteer to place colorful blue and green decals on local storm drains as a reminder that whatever goes into a storm drain comes out in a stream.

No experience necessary!

Supplies (as shown in photo) and directions are provided. You may apply as many or as few decals as you want.

If you like to do just one drain marker with your younger kids.

Just shoot us an email and we can mail you the marker with adhesive pad.

Please contact the Stormwater Educator,

Mike Heimos, at 817-6447 if you would like to volunteer today!


Volunteer clean up kit

No dumping symbol

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