Litter Cleanup Team

Join our city-wide monthly litter cleanup event.

Teenage volunteers for clean up columbia

Volunteer with the City of Columbia Litter Cleanup Team

Be a part of the team that keeps litter out of our local waterways!

Fast Facts: About Litter Team Events

  • Litter Team events are led by trained volunteers who provide bags, gloves, safety vests and direction.
  • Locations and times vary.
  • Drop-ins are welcome on the day of the event.
  • Need a group-specific cleanup? We can help you organize a stream, park or road cleanup specific to a group. Volunteer Programs can help identify and approve an area of need, provide supplies and instruction.

2020 Litter Team Schedule

Date Time Meeting Location   Date Time Meeting Location
Jan. 18 10:00 A – 12:00 P Cosmo Park Aug. 8 9:00 A -11:00 A Brown Station Rd
Feb. 15 10:00 A -12:00 P MBS Textbook Sept. 19 9:00 A -11:00 A 601 Blue Ridge
Mar. 21 7:30 A -10:00 A Capen Park Oct. 10 10:00 A -12:00 P TBD
May 9 9:00 A -11:00 A Hanover Blvd Nov. 14 10:00 A -12:00 P 2711 W. Ash
June 13 9:00 A -11:00 A Downtown Optimist Park Dec. 5 10:00 A -12:00 P Wilson and Lee St.
July 11 9:00 A -11:00 A Bear Creek Trail, Creasy Springs Rd

Signup here volunteer@como.govcreate new email or by contacting us @ 573.874.6271

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Why is this important?

All storm drains on city, county, and campus streets drain directly to local waterways. Any substance other than rainwater that enters into a storm drain system goes directly into a local stream, creek, river or lake… Untreated… NO pollinates are removed!


All stormwater runoff that flows into curb inlets travels through a few pipes, long or short, and discharges to the closest waterway. All waterways in Columbia end up in the Missouri River by way of one of our creeks such as Hinkson, Flat Branch, Bear Creek, Grindstone, Bonne Femme.

City Watershed Map

The City of Columbia, Missouri has 15 watersheds located just within our city limits. The largest watershed is the Hinkson Creek watershed. The Hinkson drains roughly 88.5 square miles of land, all in Boone County. Hinkson Creek itself is 26 miles long, originating east of Hallsville and traveling southwest through the city to join Perche Creek in southwest Columbia.

Litter Team Volunteers

Streams are everywhere in Columbia; chances are you have one in your own backyards or live within minutes of a local waterway.

Hinkson Creek, Columbia MO

Volunteers are instrumental in keeping streams, roads, public right of ways and parks clean. The result is a healthier watershed and attractive community.

Litter Team Volunteers


Show me stormwater management

Boone County, City of Columbia and the University of Missouri coordinate stormwater activities. The three institutions are joint holders of a Phase II Stormwater Permit issued by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). Learn more about our partnership to improve stormwater city, campus, and county-wide.