2015 Rate Increase Capital Projects

On April 7, 2015, Columbia voters approved a rate increase for the Stormwater Utility which included several capital improvement projects across the city.  These projects address failing and inadequacies in our stormwater system, .  Prior to 2015, the Stormwater rates had not increased since the utility was formed in 1993.  With increased revenue from the rate increase, the Utility is working to repair and restore metal pipes installed in the 1950s, 60s and 70s which have corroded and are at risk of collapse which could cause sinkholes.  The funds are also used to repair inlets which capture stormwater runoff and promote proper drainage from streets, parking lots or yards.

Pipe Lining/Rehabilitation Projects

CAM Flow and Sediment Study – COMPLETE

Hitt St. and Elm/Ninth St. and Elm – COMPLETE

Rollins Rd. at Rock Creek – COMPLETE

Sinclair Rd. and Mill Creek – COMPLETE

Garth Ave at Oak Towers 

Manor Drive – COMPLETE

South Greenwood Ave.