Refuse compactor relocation at Wabash Bus Station property

Department: Solid Waste Utility
Project Manager: Steve Hunt
Project Number RF067
Project Budget:  $75,000
Funding Source:  Solid Waste Enterprise Revenue

Project Description: The Solid Waste Utility provides trash and recycling collection services within the Downtown Community Improvement District (CID) based upon the common use of trash containers, trash compactors and recycling containers, rather than individual account service. On April 16, 2018, the Columbia City Council approved the Downtown CID Compactor Plan. The intent of the plan is to enhance solid waste services in the CID by identifying the optimum location for trash compactors throughout the CID and locating them in places convenient to the greatest number of customers while minimizing cost to the City and CID customers.

The Solid Waste Utility wishes to move forward with implementation of the 2018 Downtown CID Compactor Plan for the North Village Arts District area by consolidating and relocating refuse collection facilities.

The proposed project involves eliminating an 8-yard trash container and relocating a trash compactor as shown in the project plans. This work also includes the installation of signage, a new compactor enclosure and landscaping.

Detailed Project Information:

Interested Parties Meeting: Because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the Interested Parties (IP) meeting will be held online between March 29, 2021, and April 11, 2021. During this time, citizens may review preliminary plans, contact Utilities staff with questions and comments, and complete the IP Comment Form below.  The Utilities staff may be contacted via the Solid Waste Utility’s contact number, 573.874.2489 or via email at Waste-Mgmt@CoMo.govcreate new email.

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