Multi-family Home Recycling and Trash

Apartment Recycling Program

Recycling Container

Program provides a recycling container within walking distance of each unit for no additional cost!

Here’s how it works:

  • Apartment complexes currently participating in this program are listed below.  (All apartment complexes in Columbia are eligible for the program, so contact your landlord if you wish to participate.)
  • Each apartment complex has a designated recycling day the container is available to residents. Designated recycling days are noted below in parentheses.
  • Recycling containers have two compartments: one side for mixed fiber and the other side for mixed container materials.  

Materials should be sorted into 3 categories:

Containers Fibers Trash

Rigid plastics #1-7 – cups, bottles, rigid packagingPlastic containersGlass jars or bottlesglass bottles and jarsAluminum and tin cans
aluminum canstin cans

Cardboard – flattenedflattened cardboardOffice or Notebook Paper 

Newspaper – remove from sleevestack of newspapersChipboard – cereal boxcereal, pasta and toothpaste boxes




Non-electronicchip bags and wrappersstyrofoam packagingplastic bag

NO styofoam, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil NO tissue paper or food soiled plates, bows, cups or pizza boxes NO hazardous waste, electronics, appliances or recyclables

Participating Apartment Complexes

Note: Some apartment complexes now have recycling dumpsters or roll carts available every day of the week:

Do you live downtown?

As residents of the Downtown Community Improvement District (The District), you are responsible for placing your household waste in designated recycle and trash dumpsters.  Newer complexes may have these available in the basement of the building, others may be located in an alley or parking lot near by.  

Your apartment complex not on the list?

Please contact your landlord to ask why they do not have recycling. It does not cost have this recycling container, but the landlord must be willing to dedicate one parking space (preferably near a trash dumpster). If you are a property manager and are interested in joining the program at NO CHARGE, please call the Contact Center at 573.874.CITY (2489).

You can recycle any day of the week at a Recycling Drop-off Center.

Apartment Trash Services

Multi-family homes do not receive curbside trash collection. Instead, trash dumpsters are permanently placed throughout the property. This means that trash can be disposed any time of day, 7 days/week and you do not need to store the material in your apartment unit. Also, you do not need to place the trash in bags when using a dumpster. Residents may choose to purchase bags, roll carts, or storage bins to help transport trash to the dumpster. The City of Columbia does not sell these items.

Please consider alternative options before disposing material in a trash dumpster:

  • Recycling
  • Donations (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)
  • Thrift Stores
  • Online marketplace (Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, etc)
  • Garage Sales


“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”