Downtown Community Improvement District (CID)

    Businesses in the CID must work together for the system to work.  Please respect your neighbors by breaking down boxes and running the compactor every time in order to save room for others. 


    Solid waste services within the CID includes the common use of trash bins, trash compactors, and recycling bins designated for either Fiber or Containers. See Solid Waste District Ordinance.

    Materials should be sorted into 3 categories:

    Container Bins
    • All Plastics (#1-7), except Styrofoam & plastic bags/film
      • includes cups, bottles, jugs, buckets
    • Glass Bottles and Jars
    • Aluminum Cans
    • Metal Food Cans
    cans, bottles, jugs Plastic containers


    Fiber Bins
    • Cardboard (flattened & folded)
    • Office Paper
    • Newspaper (removed from plastic sleeve)
    • Junk Mail (including paper envelopes, magazines and catalogs)
    • Boxboard and Chipboard (cereal/cracker boxes)

    cereal boxes

    flattened cardboardstack of newspapers


    Trash Bin or Compactor

    All other non-reusable, non-hazardous, non-electronic items:

    • Styrofoam – packaging, foam meat/produce trays, egg cartons, to-go containers
    • Wrappers – plastic food wrap, plastic grocery sacks, straws, chip bags 
    • Certain metals – aluminum foil/pie tins
    • Paper towels, plates, cups, napkins
    wrappers styrofoam
    Broken place settings

    • Ceramic or glass plates, bowls, pans, coffee cups, pitchers
    • Drinking/wine/shot glasses
    • Silverware
    glasses plates and bowls

    If a trash compactor is available, please be sure to PUSH THE BUTTON to make room for others

    Finding the Appropriate Bin

    Every business is located within a few blocks of the nearest recycle or trash dumpster.  Identify the closest bins to your business and educate staff on where to take waste.  It is also helpful to note backup bins in your vicinity in case the usual bins are full.

    *Trash and Recycling is not permitted outside the bin.  If bin is full, DO NOT pile bags on top or leave on the ground next to dumpster.  It is your responsibility to find a dumpster with space available.


    CID Map of Recycle bin locationsCID Recycle Map