Bag Voucher Program

Note: This program only applies to single-family homes. Please visit the Multi-family Homes page if you live in an apartment complex.

sample bag voucher

The City of Columbia issues vouchers to residents which may be redeemed for recycling and trash bags. Look for your envelope of vouchers to arrive in the mail in January and June (or roughly 3 weeks after moving into a new residence). Inside the envelope, In January, you will find one voucher for 25 trash bags and two vouchers for recycling bags (36 recycling bags total). In June, you’ll receive one voucher for each.  You can help us reduce costs by only redeeming  vouchers when you need additional bags!

Redeeming your vouchers:

  • The vouchers are perforated. You will need to separate them and redeem only the one(s) you need.
  • Take your voucher to a local retail store (Columbia locations only) and present voucher at checkout.
    • Gerbes
    • Hy-vee
    • Menards
    • Moser’s
    • Schnuck’s
    • Westlakes Ace Hardware

You will not be charged for the bags if you have a voucher. Vouchers are redeemable one-time only, and are tracked by barcode and therefore cannot be duplicated. 

What should I do if I did not get a voucher?

If you expected to receive a voucher and did not, please contact WasteZero, Inc. (1-800-866-3954). New residents moving to Columbia should automatically receive a voucher within about 3 weeks of signing up for utility service.

What if I need additional vouchers?

  • Blue recycling bags: contact WasteZero, Inc. (1-800-866-3954) and another voucher will be mailed to you at no cost.
  • Black trash bags: contact WasteZero, Inc. (1-800-866-3954) to purchase another voucher.