Route B Economic Development Sewer Extension

Department: Sewer Utility
Project Manager: Nate Runyan
Ward: 3
Project Budget:  $1,300,000
Funding Source:  Enterprise Revenue

Project Description: The Route B Economic Development Sewer Extension project will include the construction of approximately 2,150 linear feet of gravity sewer main and eight (8) sanitary sewer structures from the Hinkson Creek outfall trunk sewer to serve properties along the eastern side of the Route B industrial corridor, including the property located at 5008 Paris Road. This property is subject to the recently approved Cooperative Development Agreement between the City and Plumrose USA. A sewer line exists along the western boundary of this corridor, but it does not have the capacity to meet the sewer demands for the proposed project at 5008 Paris Road. Per the approved agreement, Plumrose USA will grant a sewer easement on the proposed site so that a public sewer main extension can be taken to the northern site boundary, which would allow sewer service to this project, as well as providing increased sewer capacity to other industrial customers in the general area. See attached diagram.

Detailed Project Information:

Interested Parties Meeting: Because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the Interested Parties (IP) meeting will be held online between March 16, 2021, and March 30, 2021. During this time, citizens may review preliminary plans, contact Utilities staff with questions and comments, and complete the IP Comment Form below.  The Utilities staff may be contacted via the Sewer Utility’s contact number, 573.441.5530 or via email at Nathan.Runyan@CoMo.govcreate new email.

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