Sewer Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning

The aggressive preventive maintenance program ensures that sewer mains remain in proper working order and prevents many problems before they occur.  In addition, cleaning crews respond to stoppage complaints. 

Sewer Jetting
Sewer Jetting 1

Cleaning Crews

The Sewer Utility operates three sewer cleaning crews.  Each crew is assigned to clean the sewers in a different cleaning area.  Each crew cleans the sewers in one sub-area before moving on to the next sub-area.  When the sewers in the last sub-area have been cleaned, the process starts over in the first sub-area. 

It is important for sewer crews to have access to these clean out locations which can sometimes be in a residential yard.  Difficulty accessing these points can slow down the crew and reduce the efficiency of the cleaning cycles.

Cleaning sewer lines involves using a sewer jet to propel a cleaning nozzle that is attached to the end of a high pressure sewer jet hose through all the main underground pipes. This clears the lines of debris such as grease and grit.  If necessary, the lines are also cleared of roots by attaching a hydraulic root saw to the end of the sewer jet hose. This sewer cleaning process also causes air movement through the sewer. If your home’s ventilation pipes are clogged or are not large enough, this air movement through the sewer could force some water out of your toilet or drains. It is recommended that you keep your toilet lid down when the sewers are being cleaned.

Stoppage Crews

The Sewer Utility provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week service in response to reports of sewer backups and overflows. Upon being notified of a problem, a two-person crew with a hydraulic sewer jet cleaner is dispatched to the location. Generally, the crew will contact the complainant to determine the nature and extent of the problem. The crew then inspects and cleans any sewer 6 inches in diameter or larger which could remedy the issue. Any obstruction determined to be in a public sewer is followed up with an internal TV inspection of the sewer line. In most cases, after a complete review of the incident, the location and the cause of the obstruction can be determined. If the problem is in the customer’s private line, they will be advised to contact a plumber or sewer service company.

Closed Circuit Television Inspection

The Sewer Utility uses a state of the art closed circuit television system to internally inspect sewer mains and service line connections. This system consists of a color camera with a pan and tilt head which can turn 90 degrees in any direction and is self propelled through sewer lines transmitting a picture to a monitor and video recorder located inside a van. Using this system, problems can be located and identified quickly, without excavation, so that proper corrective actions can be taken.

Repair Crews

The repair crew is responsible for repairs to manholes and sewer mains. Excavations have been up to 22 feet deep. This crew repairs sewer mains that have been determined to be in poor condition by TV inspection that was done following a stoppage or because of a problem suspected during routine cleaning.

Repair CrewsTrench work Repair Crews