Integrated Management Plan

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The City of Columbia has developed an Integrated Management Plan (IMP) to meet critical infrastructure needs for improving our community waterways. The goal of the plan is to establish adaptable and affordable long-term recommendations that meet Columbia’s wastewater and stormwater management needs while addressing Clean Water Act obligations.

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This plan will help Columbia target investments in our wastewater and stormwater programs to:

  • Protect public health & safety
  • Improve quality of life 
  • Provide sustainable service for the future
  • Improve water quality
  • Achieve regulatory compliance

The IMP was developed using a project framework opens in a new window which included four community workshops focusing on: 


Community Issues

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  • Erosion & Flooding 
  • Maintaining storm & sewer systems
  • Natural Resources protection
  • Planning for growth
  • Sewage backups into building
  • Sewage overflows into streams
  • Stormwater pollution


Water Quality

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  • How do we want to use our water bodies?
  • What are Columbia’s water quality priorities?
  • What are the highest priority water quality and regulatory issues?


Potential Solutions

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  • How much is the community willing to spend to achieve water quality outcomes?
  • How can we achieve our goals while maintaining affordable customer rates?
  • What does the City need to so to operate a more sustainable utility


Path Forward

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  • How was the plan developed?
  • Potential investment strategies
  • Preliminary investment benefits & costs
  • Preliminary rate projections & affordability

HDR Presented to City Council on August 7, 2017 – View slides opens in a new window