Landfill fuel station improvement project

Department: Solid Waste
Project Manager: Adam White
Project Budget:  $400,000
Funding Source:  Enterprise Revenue Funds

Project Description: In August 2017, Solid Waste administrative and collections staff moved from the Grissum Building to the Administration and Collections Building at the Landfill. The move also involved the relocation of 70 Solid Waste vehicles, 27 of which are Compressed Natural Gas vehicles and 43 are gasoline or diesel vehicles.

The existing landfill fuel station, which consists of one diesel fuel dispenser with two nozzles and one gasoline dispenser with one nozzle, is not adequate to fuel the landfill equipment plus the additional collection vehicles.

The proposed Landfill Fuel Station Improvement project will consist of:

  • Two additional diesel fuel dispensers with two nozzles each to allow four vehicles to fuel at the same time
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades
  • Approximately 11,000 square feet of concrete pavement
  • An optional 32 foot by 71 foot metal canopy (with lights) over the fuel dispensers
  • Storm water inlet and piping
  • Upgrades to the existing control and fuel monitoring equipment

During the project design, it was determined that electrical upgrades were needed and the existing fuel system control and monitoring equipment needed to be upgraded. In addition, it was determined that concrete pavement and a metal canopy were needed in order to provide a safe, all-weather fueling facility. 

Detailed Project Information:

Interested Parties Meeting: Because of the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, the Interested Parties (IP) meeting will be held online between April 9, 2021, and April 23, 2021. During this time, citizens may review preliminary plans, contact Utilities staff with questions and comments, and complete the IP Comment Form below.  The Utilities staff may be contacted via the Sewer Utility’s contact number, 573.874.2489 or via email at Waste-Mgmt@CoMo.govcreate new email.

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