North Garth Sewer and Garth/Oak Towers Storm Drain Replacement

Construction Year: 2019
Project Budget:
Funding Source:
2013 Sewer Bond & 2015 Ballot Enterprise Revenue
Year Completed:

Project Description:
The 10-foot wide by 4-foot tall reinforced concrete box culvert (RCB), under the east side of Garth Avenue, was likely constructed in the 1930’s and some of the steel reinforcement in the top of the box is rusted and is compromising the ability of the box lid to support the pavement above it. The storm drain system at Garth Avenue and Lynn Street is corrugated metal pipe construction which is rusted and the failing pipe needs to be replaced. Replacement of the RCB at this location was included on a list of projects presented to voters in 2015 ballot measure, which was approved to increase the Storm Water Utility rates. This work will require the closure of Garth Avenue from Sexton Road to 100 feet north of Worley Street. A 12-inch diameter vitrified clay sanitary sewer main pipe parallels the storm RCB in front of Oak Towers and is in poor condition. The sewer main along North Garth will be replaced while Garth is closed for construction of the storm drainage project.

Project Status:  Easement Acquisition and Final Design

Project Manager: Tom Wellman

Construction by: 

Interested Parties Meetings: November 15, 2016

Public Hearing: April 16, 2018, opens in a new windowView Memo


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