Coal Combustion

1927 Columbia Power Plant photo
1927 Columbia Power Plant

Notification of plant closure

The purpose of this information is to notify the public that the City of Columbia intends to close the existing inactive coal combustion residual (CCR) surface impoundment located at the Municipal Power Plant located at 1501 Business Loop 70 E in Columbia, Missouri.  CCR materials historically produced through the combustion of coal at the Municipal Power Plant include bottom ash and fly ash. 

The last day the power plant burned coal was September 22, 2015 and the last day CCR materials were placed in the CCR surface impoundment was September 23, 2015.  The CCR surface impoundment will be closed in accordance with applicable Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules (40 CFR §257.100 (b)) through the removal of CCR materials from the impoundment.  The closure will be complete by April 17, 2018.

The inactive CCR surface impoundment will be closed through the removal of all CCR materials.  Prior to initiating closure, stormwater controls will be implemented to the extent practical to reduce the amount of stormwater being directed to the inactive impoundment during the closure process. The surface water will then be pumped or siphoned out of the inactive impoundment and discharged in compliance with the current NPDES Permit for the Site.

After the surface water is removed, the CCR materials will be excavated and transported off-site.  CCR materials transported off-site will either be beneficially reused or disposed in a lined municipal solid waste landfill permitted to accept CCR materials. Anticipated beneficial reuses include use on roadways during winter weather in place of road salt, use as structural fill, and mine stabilization.

Site reclamation will be required after all CCR has been removed and the clean closure is complete. Site reclamation will include surface grading, seeding, and associated erosion control measures necessary to restore the Site. The impoundment will remain to receive stormwater and serve as a retention pond.  

The following is a schedule for completing the clean closure of the inactive CCR surface impoundment:


This notification satisfies 40 CFR §257.100 (c)(1) required notices under which the City must provide a written notification of intent to close.  For additional information, please contact or by calling 573-874-6236 or 573-874-7325.

This plan has been certified by a qualified professional engineer. See documentation.