319 Grant

US Environmental Protection Agency Region 7 – 319 Grant

City of Columbia – Grissum Site and Sunrise Estates – Boone County


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319 Grant Video – Improving Stormwater on City Property

Watch our video about this three-year project to improve

stormwater at the Grissum Building and Power Plant site. 


The City of Columbia is continually leading by example.

When an opportunity became available to fund stormwater improvements to City property, Public Works jumped at the chance. In coordination with Boone County, the Public Works Department applied and received an Environmental Protection Agency grant, through Missouri Department of Natural Resources, to demonstrate the installation of stormwater retrofits on an industrial site.

industrial parking lotStormwater Utility Engineering staff proposed retrofitting the Grissum and Power Plant properties with stormwater controls to remove pollutants. Currently, stormwater runoff from these sites drains to Bear Creek. Stormwater runoff picks up pollutants (oil, grease, excess nutrients, sediment, metals) and carries it to our creeks and streams where it impacts water quality. Pollutants in our creeks and streams affect all animal life from crawdads to fish to mammals. These pollutants then travel to our rivers where they can affect drinking water and the water we use for recreation. By treating the water closer to its source, we keep our waterways cleaner.

industrial parking lot

Stormwater retrofits, such as rain gardens and bio-retention cells,  remove pollutants from the “first flush” rainfall and encourage stormwater to infiltrate into the ground instead of running off. When complete, the stormwater retrofits for the Grissum and Power Plant properties will appear to be landscaping areas, but they will serve the very important role of removing pollutants from stormwater.  County and City staff will monitor runoff and pollution reduction from the retrofits to provide information to the engineering and development community.

aerial industrial lot

One of the other highly anticipated pieces of the work to be completed includes turning the existing detention area into an underground detention area that can be covered with pervious asphalt and create more parking spaces!


319 Grant 2011 – 2013

319 Grant Grissum 

Step Pools Under Construction

Planting the Step Pools

Construction of Ashley Street Bioswale

Ashley Street Blooming Bioswale

Building the Bioretention and Raingarden Cells

Planting the Bioretention and Raingarden Cells

319 Grant Sunrise Estates 

Monitoring at Sunrise Estates


Total city project cost: $46,4745

US Environmental Protection Agency Region 7, through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, has provided partial funding for this project under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act. (G11-NPS-12)


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