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Donate to the Share the Light Program

What is Share the Light?

Share the Light allows City of Columbia utility customers to contribute to specific city projects through their monthly utility bill. Donations can be made to six areas: public art, community beautification, youth recreation scholarships, public health, fire protection, and crime prevention. All gifts made through the program are tax-deductible. Share the Light will provide additional funds for projects that are above and beyond basic services of city government – improving quality of life in our community. Funds will be used to enhance local tax dollars that are the primary source of funding for city government.

How can I contribute?

To give to Share the Light, simply mark your return envelope or participation form with the area of giving you would like to support and identify if you would like to contribute one time or on a monthly basis. Your future utility bills will reflect the amount added for this purpose. If you choose to give each month, the amount you select will be added to your City of Columbia utility bill each month. If for any reason you decide to no longer participate in Share the Light, simply contact the city at 874-7380 and your account will be changed. You may also make donations by completing a secure online form.

How will my Share the Light contribution be used?

Each person who donates to Share the Light can designate one or more of the of six areas they would like to support. Every penny contributed will be used for the purpose of the area you wish to support. The investment of these dollars will be overseen by the City Council.

Community Arts Programming

  • Contributions to this area will enhance the funds that are currently available for public art, arts education, and the support of local arts programs and agencies.
  • Funds for this area will help ensure that existing art is maintained for future generations.
  • Donations to Community Arts Programming will help expand community exposure to existing and future art in the City’s collection.

Community Beautification

  • An attractive city improves tourism, enhances new business, reduces crime, and increase pride in the community.
  • Funds in this area will be used to landscape city and state right-of-way, with a special focus on community entrance corridors.
  • Care and maintenance for the City of Columbia’s more than 90 existing public landscaped areas is also an area of needed funding.
  • Funds will be leveraged with other contributions and Adopt-A-Spot Beautification volunteer efforts.

Youth Recreation Scholarships

  • It is important to give all youth in Columbia an opportunity to participate in the wide array of recreational opportunities offered by the City of Columbia Parks & Recreation Department.
  • Scholarships will allow underprivileged youth to participate in programs directly sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Department, including swimming lessons, day camps, dance lessons, and other activities. Fees to use the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) will also be included.
  • All scholarships will be based on need of the applicant.

Public Health

  • Dental education programs for young children assure a lifetime of good dental health.
  • Donations will be used for dental care education and the purchase of dental hygiene items for low-income residents.
  • The Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services will conduct and educational program targeted toward children and their parents, with education for parents focusing on dental care services currently available for their children.
  • In addition, the Department will assist low income residents with chronic health concerns, including conducting diabetes education and providing supplies.

Fire Prevention & Education

  • The Columbia Fire Department can serve our community by making sure our citizens have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
  • Funds in this category will help ensure low income Columbia residents and older residents have these items in their homes.
  • The department will also use funding for fire prevention education equipment and materials.

Crime Prevention

  • Funds will be used to support Columbia’s crime prevention programs, including Columbia Police volunteers and other programs grounded in community policing.
  • Volunteer identification, including shirts, vests, hats, and emblems will be financed through this area, and volunteers may be reimbursed for other expenses incurred while volunteering.

Donate to the Share the Light Program

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