Central to the future of Columbia, Missouri

The Columbia Trust is a charitable donation program sponsored by the City of Columbia to elevate the quality of life in Columbia, Missouri. Quality of life is integral to our future. It affects, perhaps more than any other attribute, the economic, social and emotional well-being of our community. The Columbia Trust is committed to ensure that the award-winning qualities of Columbia do not become a gloried past. Quality of life is directly related to opportunity. The Columbia Trust aspires to nurture a community thriving in a climate of opportunity; opportunity to enjoy recreation, art, culture, and personal growth. Opportunities available for everyone. Through private donations, we will continue to build upon the foresight of our founding fathers and the innovation of our leaders. Your donations support a vision for new and enhanced opportunities for all citizens.

Restricted Gifts

You may have a special interest in an area of the City and choose to give a restricted or designated gift whose purpose is to strengthen a particular program, department or capital need. A restricted gift, if approved by the City Council, is used solely for the project(s) that you specify.

Unrestricted Gifts

An unrestricted gift allows the City to address its areas of greatest need. This type of gift provides the most flexibility when distributed. Such gifts may be combined with other funds to permit the City to initiate major institutional goals.

Memorial Gifts

A thoughtful way to honor a loved one, friend or colleague is through a memorial gift. Contributions may be made to any area of the City. The individual being honored or family of the deceased individual will be notified of the contribution and a permanent record of such gift will be maintained in the official records of the City. Learn more


To provide an ongoing revenue source for existing or new City programs, gifts may be used to create an endowment. An endowment agreement generally indicates that the principal be held in a fund and invested, and that a percentage of the income be used for specific purposes. As with any important financial decision, your CPA, tax attorney or tax adviser should be consulted.


While the city wishes to respect all donor requests, it has chosen to ensure that all donations remain public record, thus anonymous donations can only be made through a third party. All donors will be consulted as to their desires for recognition.

Share the Light

Share the Light is a new opportunity for City of Columbia utility customers to give to The Columbia Trust. Look for more information in your August utility bill.

For More Information on The Columbia Trust, call 573-817-5027 or e-mail John.Baker@como.gov.