Current Sustain COMO Interns

Meet our current and past interns to learn about the work that they have been doing for the City!


Gayle Bergman



Gayle Bergman is researching sustainability and conservation education curricula for public schools in Columbia with the goal that the City can help schools impact the environment more positively while engaging students in leadership roles and applying concepts in class to real world issues. In addition to her research, Gayle assists Sustainability Office staff with educational programming that includes conservation and waste minimization workshops.







Emily Cochran




Emily Cochran is working with Dave Dittmer, the Forester with the Parks and Recreation Department, to map unmarked trails in Grindstone Nature Area. After mapping each trail Emily will then coordinate and host invasive species removal and trail maintenance events.








Danielle Tevlin


Danielle Tevlin is currently a senior earning her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences from the MU School of Natural Resources and a minor in Business. For as long as Danielle can remember she has been passionate about exploring nature and learning about different aspects of our natural world. As her interests developed she discovered that preserving natural habitat for wildlife and learning how to live in a more sustainable way to detriment these habitats less was her desired career path. This summer, as an intern for the Office of Sustainability, Danielle will organize educational programs for the community gardens of Columbia, including native plant workshops and presentations regarding the use of organic fertilizer and non-hazardous pest control methods. In addition, she will work with the community gardeners to help them use what they have learned in their own gardens. By teaching people about alternative gardening methods and the benefits of native plants, they can grow their own food while helping the native flora and fauna and impacting the environment less. Danielle is looking forward to all of the hands-on opportunities this summer!


Mason Brobeck

To make student housing environmentally friendly, Mason Brobeck has voluntarily coordinated litter clean-ups over the past two years in the east campus region of the City. This summer Mason will start as an intern with the Office of Sustainability working with City energy professionals to increase energy efficiency rates by spreading awareness of city rebate and incentive programs. The major project that Mason is particularly excited about is to create new marketing strategies to spread awareness about the lighting incentive program, where the city gives financial incentives to upgrade your building lights to LED light bulbs. Increasing lighting efficiency will save both the city energy and businesses money, all the while moving us to a more sustainable energy future.